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Bo ghi du lieu HIOKI 8870


HIOKI - Nhat Ban

Nhỏ gọn và dễ mang theo
Dễ dàng, hoạt động trực quan
Kết nối máy tính đơn giản
Nhanh chóng, hiệu 1ms / s mặc dù kích thước nhỏ gọn
Được xây dựng trong, nhỏ gọn nhưng sắc nét màn hình LCD rộng QVGA TFT-

Number of channels 2 analog and 4 logic channels
(standard equipment, logic grounds are common with instrument ground)
Measurement ranges 10mV to 50V/div (10 div full-scale), 12 ranges, resolution : 1/100 of range
Max. allowable input DC 400V
Frequency characteristics DC to 50kHz (-3dB)
Time axis 100 μs to 5 min/div, 20 ranges,at 100 points/div resolution, three steps of time-axis magnification from 2× to 10×, and nine steps of time-axis compression from 0.5× to 0.001×.
Measurement functions MEM (high-speed recording)
Memory capacity 12-bits × 2M-Words/ch
Removable storage CF Card Type I slot × 1, Up to 2 GB
Display 4.3-inch WQVGA-TFT color LCD (480 × 272 dots)
Displayable languages English, Japanese
Note: Korean (special order only, please contact HIOKI)
External interfaces USB 2.0 mini-B receptacle × 1; Transfers files from the installed CF card to a PC when connected (mass storage class device)
Note: The CF card installed in the HiCORDER appears as a removable disk on the PC, but communication functions such as the capability to change HiCORDER settings from the PC are not provided.
Printer Not available
Functions Numerical calculation, Cursor readout, Scaling function, Screen copy, Gauge display, Waveform data / Setting configurations backup, start condition retention, Auto-save, Instantaneous value or RMS value display (only DC and 50/60 Hz)
Power supply AC ADAPTER Z1005: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz), 30 VA Max.
BATTERY PACK 9780: Continuous use 2 hours (AC adapter has priority when both are used)
12V DC supply: 10 to 16V, 10VA Max. (cable available by special order)
Charging functions The installed battery pack charges when the AC adapter is connected. Charging time is about 200 minutes at 25°C.
Notes: Charging time depends on battery condition. Charging is disabled to protect the battery at ambient temperatures out of 5°C to 30°C(41°F to 86°F)
Dimensions, mass 176mm (6.93in) W × 101mm (3.98in) H × 41mm (1.61in) D, 600g (21.2oz) (with the BATTERY PACK 9780 installed)
Supplied accessories Instruction Manual × 1, Measurement Guide × 1, AC ADAPTER Z1005 × 1, Strap × 1, USB cable × 1, Application Disk (dedicated program for the 8870-20/-21) × 1, PROTECTION SHEET 9809 × 1

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