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Data Logers HIOKI LR5091-92

LR 5091

HIOKI - Nhat Ban

Features Record load current of 50Hz/60Hz lines Record leak current
Measurement items AC Current (2 channels)
Measurement range When Using 9669 :1000A range
When Using CT6500 :50.00A/ 500.0A range
When Using 9695-02 :5.000A/ 50.00A range
When Using 9675 :500.0mA/ 5.000A range
When Using 9657-10 :500.0mA/ 5.000A range
Basic Accuracy ±0.5%rdg. ±5dgt.+Clamp sensor accuracy
Waterproof and dustproof Not waterproof
Operating temperature and humidity -0°C(32°F) to 50°C(122°F) , 80%rh or less (

  LR5091 LR5092
Interface with Data Logger Infrared optical communications Infrared optical communications
Interface with PC USB2.0, Full Speed, Series Mini B Receptacle USB2.0, Full Speed, Series Mini B Receptacle
Display - Dot-matrix LCD (128 × 64 dots)
Display items - Data Logger configurations Collected data
Internal memory capacity of data - 60,000 data elements ×16ch (instantaneous value mode)
15,000 data elements ×16ch (statistical value mode)
Removable storage media - SD Card (SDHC, Max 32GB)
Save data and configurations
Power supply USB bus power DC3V (LR6 (AA) Alkaline battery 1.5V×2)
USB bus power
Battery life - Approx. 12 hours or 500 times of data collection
Dimensions & Mass Approx. 83mm(3.27 in)W×61mm(2.40in) H×19mm(0.75in)D, 43g(1.5oz) 91mm(3.58in)W×141mm(5.55in)H×31mm(1.22in)D 215g(7.6oz) (excluding batteries)
Accessories USB cable (1m)×1, CD (Application software "LR5000 Utility") × 1 Instruction manual ×1, Operation manual×1, LR6 (AA) Alkaline battery 1.5V×2, USB cable(1m)×1, CD (Application software "LR5000 Utility") × 1

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